The Center

The Center for Cognitive Science, established in 1992, is an interuniversitary center involving the Department of Psychology of the University of Turin, the Department of Computer Science of Turin Politechnic, as well as professors and researchers from many reseach groups all over Italy (University of Oriental Pidemont, University of Padua, University of Milan and others).

The particular attention given to mental diseases, the experimental requirements and the clinical background of some members of the Center allowed us to develop succesful collaborations with public and private health structures in the north-west of Italy (Turin, Milan, Bellinzona, Vercelli).
The Center for Cognitive Science is located at the Department of Psychology of the University of Turin, where the activities common to different groups take place and the main events are organised.

As a Cognitive Science Center, the main activities are those dealing with research projects focused on the study of the mind and on the relationships between cognitive processes and mental processes. In line with the cognitive science tradition, the Center receives contributions from different disciplines which study the relationship between mind and brain. In particular the areas of interest concern various fundamental aspects of human cognition: communication, reasoning, psychopathology, cognitive ergonomics, social cognition and spatial cognition.
Neuropsychology, evolutionary psychology and AI provide the theoretical and methodological framework for the in-depth study of these themes.

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