Mind & Brain Prize

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 The Mind&Brain Prize was established in 2003 by the Centre for Cognitive Science of the University and Polytechnic of Turin to recognise outstanding achievement in advancing our knowledge about mind and brain in the field of Cognitive Science.
Since 2010, the Mind&Brain Prize consistes in two prizes:

Mind&Brain Prize (M&BP)
The M&BP is awarded to pioneering scientists whose groundbreaking research has significantly advanced the comprehension of the functioning of the human mind and brain. In the past editions it has been assigned to:

2003: Giacomo Rizzolatti, Domenico Parisi

2004: Philip Johnson-Laird, Carlo Umiltà

2005: Jerry Fodor, James McClelland

2006: John Searle, Giovanni Liotti

2007: Michael Tomasello, Cristiano Castelfranchi

2008: John Kabat-Zinn, Giorgio Rezzonico

2009: Dan Sperber, Jacques Mehler

2010: Uta Frith

2011: Daniel Dennet

2013: Tim Shallice

2014: Stanislas Dehaene

2015: Nicholas Humphrey


Young Mind&Brain Prize (YM&BP)
Starting from the 2010 edition it was introduced a new Mind and Brain Prize: The Young M&BP. The Young M&BP is awarded to early career scientists whose innovative research has led to significant breakthroughs in the understanding of the mind and brain. Eligible are scientists under the age of 40, who have demonstrated outstanding scientific creativity and productivity. As the Prize is intended to stimulate European research, candidates are preferable researcher located in EU Member States.
Winners receive a paid travel and stay in Turin, Italy, and an original work of art by a renowned Italian artist. In the past editions, the prize has been assigned to:

2010: Nathalie Sebanz

2011: Henrike Moll

2013: Sarah Blakemore

2014: Manos Tsakiris

2015: Frédérique de Vignemont

Until 2009, the Mind&Brain Prize consisted in three prizes:

  • International prize for research in Cognitive Science
  • International prize for research in Cognitive Science awarded to an Italian researcher
  • Prize for the support of research in Cognitive Science



The committee is constituted by the winners of the previous editions of the Mind and Brain Prize, the Director and two members of the Centre for Cognitive Science of Turin.

Nomination process and selection
The nomination process is open to all who wish to nominate candidates, but self-nominations and nominations of scientists who have been working at the Centre for Cognitive Science of Turin will not be accepted. Nomination proposals must be accompanied by curriculum vitae of the candidate including a selected publication list.
The M&BP Committee is responsible for the choice of the M&BP and YM&BP winners.

Mind & Brain Lectures
The M&BP recipient is invited to deliver a public lecture on the day following the M&B ceremony.
The YM&BP recipient is invited to deliver two lectures on topics concerning his/her research, on the days following the M&B ceremony.